Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a surveyor?

If you are considering any type of development or are in the process of undertaking development on your land then you may require a surveyor. Please call to discuss your project.

What does a surveyor do?

Surveyors have a large scope of works and tasks which vary depending on each clients needs. To name just a few, this can include mapping existing features on a parcel of land to aid design, defining property boundaries or subdividing land into multiple titles.

What type of survey do I require?

If you are in the design process of your development project you most likely require a topographical detail survey. If you are about to begin construction for your project which has already been designed, you may require a construction setout survey. Do you want to know where your property boundaries are? You may need a boundary survey. Please give us a call to discuss the survey that you require.

Do I require a registered surveyor?

Registered Surveyors are the only professionals that are legally qualified to survey property boundaries in NSW. All Registered Surveyors in NSW are regulated by the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation which is also overseen by the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation (BOSSI). If your survey requires property boundaries to be defined by plan or physically on the ground, then you require the service of a registered surveyor.

How much does a survey cost?

The cost of a survey has a lot of varying factors including type, size & location of the survey. Please feel free to contact us to get a free personalized quote for your project.

Do I need to be home when a survey is completed?

Most of the time, provided that access to the yard is available, then the owner is not required to be home to complete a survey.